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As professional hydronic experts, we are well-versed in all aspects of water heater repairs, and pride ourselves on having the right tools, techs, and skill sets to ensure a job well done. Our company keeps up with current technologies, giving our seasoned technicians the experience to repair both old and new equipment. Discover our commitment to quality with AccuServ solutions!

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  • In the business and serving the area for more than 20 years!
  • A+ Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau!
  • Three-time winner of the GTA Homestars Award!

Repairs are only a part of the services we offer. Our techs also have the expertise to assist you with water heater maintenance or a new installation, plus water pressure and temperature checks.

We can disconnect and remove older systems so that new systems can be easily and professionally installed. If you’re interested in upgrading from a tank water heater to a tankless water heater, we would love to answer any questions you have about fit and performance. Our techs are well-acquainted with the best brands and models out there, and we’d be happy to help you purchase the best one for your home.

We offer many other services beyond water heater repairs in Toronto, visit our homepage to learn more. Whether you need us to tell those cold showers “bye bye” or you’re ready to kick your old rusting heater to the curb we have the solution for you at the level of quality you desire.

Water Heater Maintenance

As time goes by, sediment starts to build up at the bottom of the tank. This sediment is carbonate calcium, which is found naturally in water. This buildup acts as an insulator, reducing the transfer of heat from the burners below to the water above. The result is longer run times which reduces energy efficiency and increases your hydro bill.

Longer run times also equals to overheating which eventually weakens the steel and damages the glass lining at the bottom of the tank.

The weaker it gets the higher chance it will start leaking and lead to a flood. Finally, if there is enough sediment build-up it can clog the drain valve at the bottom making future maintenance impossible.

The AccuServ Team – Tank Water Heater Maintenance Toronto

Our technicians are well versed on how to properly maintain a water heater. Being well trained and equipped, they have to tools and knowledge to perform all the safety checks and cleaning; including flushing all the sediment out of your water heater.

Low Monthly, High Value

Our highly skilled technicians follow a very detailed list of 21 inspections and cleaning, providing you with the most thorough maintenance in the industry.

The best part is we offer this industry leading annual maintenance for only $8 a month.

Our annual maintenance ensure your water heater is properly maintained so you don’t have to hurry about the consequences of sediment build up. Keep those hot showers coming!

21 Point inspection and Cleaning

  • Camera Scope inspection of the burner compartment
  • Clean upper and lower combustion vents
  • Test ignition system for safe and proper operation
  • Test safety & control circuits for proper operation
  • Test exhaust system for proper venting
  • Measure amperage and voltage of ventor motor
  • Check water temperature
  • Inspect thermocouple draw (if applicable)
  • Calibrate & level aquastat
  • Inspect for combustible material around furnace
  • Brush clean and vacuum burner
  • Check Pressure Relief Valve
  • Test water heater flame for proper burn mechanism
  • Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring
  • Clean Water heater exterior
  • Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency
  • Check Pressure switches
  • Inspect unit for leaks
  • Test for natural gas leaks
  • Test airflow for deadly carbon monoxide
  • Flush Water Heater of Sediment

Water Heater Installation

At AccuServ, we provide high quality water heater installation in Toronto, and ensure your hot water performs at peak levels. With our quality guarantees, we offer a 5-year warranty on tank water heaters. This helps you feel confident that AccuServ is the answer to your installation needs.

  • Professional, knowledgeable technicians
  • Equipped with superior tools and equipment
  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Trade licence verified and maintained for up to date recertification

If you’re interested in receiving a free estimate, just give AccuServ a call, and we can send out one of our HVAC specialists to facilitate your install requests. Our thorough estimates will determine:

  • Correct heat recovery for consistent hot water supply
  • Energy cost reductions (with smart home controls and innovative products)
  • Required hydronic layout for proper water temperature and pressure delivery
  • Water treatment devices that reduce water hardness and promote consumption

Water Heater Replacement Financing

If the upfront costs of a system upgrade is too much to take on at once, we have unique financing options to help you out. Our financing solutions allow you to breakdown your investments into a easy-to-manage monthly plan. AccuServ has the perfect solutions for you. Here, our knowledgeable team provides friendly and flexible financing that allows you to get your coveted hot water back, along with the peace of mind of knowing your corroded water heater has been replaced with a brand-spankin’ new tank.

AccuServ works with Snap Financial, a premiere financing company that has been recognized for its unique solutions across the HVAC industry. To learn how our partnership can benefit you in times of heat or water crises, click here.

With a low monthly payment (and no down payment), you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your security and hot showers are safeguarded – without paying the hefty price tag. A few quick clicks on the link below, and you can see what HVAC options are available for you, today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How often is tank maintenance needed?

Tank water heaters typically have a long lifespan with proper maintenance. Most should be checked at least once per year, or when you experience any sudden changes in performance. Respond quickly when your system is no longer heating water, or not heating water as quickly. It may point to serious problems. Scale buildup is common in tank heaters, and should be cleaned out of the tank once to twice a year.

How can I fix a water heater that isn’t producing hot water?

There are many issues that could cause an issue like this. Our technicians will do what they can to repair your system and save you the cost of a new one. Our techs have wide experience, and we’ll be able to find your problem in no time.

What are my options for water heater replacement?

Looking for a new water heater? We carry some of the latest models with features you’ll love. These features include everything from highly-efficient operation to tankless heating.

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