Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Over 6,000 successful jobs and counting, and we’re just getting started…

At AccuServ, we think that if you do exceptional work and serve your customers well,there isn’t much need for big billboards and newspaper ads. The good word will spread itself!

That’s why for us, the job is never done until our customers are 100% satisfied with our work, and our great reviews on Google, Facebook, and Homestars, along with our “Contractor of the Year” recognitions, are a testament to our commitment to you.

That all being said, we take our commitment a step further with the guarantees we provide.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Simple enough: If you’re not satisfied with our work, we don’t charge you!

Most HVAC companies won’t go near a guarantee as strong as ours. Although we understand that there may be a few bad apples that take advantage of our offer, we believe in committing to our clients based on trust, because unethical practices only serve to make it near impossible to build the healthy, long-term working relationships we both deserve.

Home Protection Guarantee

Everybody knows someone who’s had a horrible experience with a bad contractor. Whether it be a plumber that walked across their carpet with their wet boots, the mover that scratched their wall, or the electrician that puts their lightswitch covers back on crooked.

At AccuServ we treat your home like our own, and our Home Protection Guarantee promises we’ll use extreme diligence not to damage anything and leave your home like we were never there! On the rare occasion that something does get damaged, we’ll cover the cost of repairs in full.

No Lemons Guarantee

You ever have a lemon? A lemon car: no matter how many times you fix it just never drives past a few blocks? A lemon cellphone: no matter how many times you bring it to the service provider it always drops your calls?

The reality is, no matter what industry you are in, they’ll always be some small percentage of products with a manufacturing defect that ensure it will never work properly, despite your best effort to get it fixed. Our industry is no exception.

That is why we have our No Lemons Guarantee. For any appliance we install that fails 3 times in the first year, we’ll replace it for free!

Check out our other guarantees below!

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