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Our highly trained HVAC professionals are dedicated to get in and solve whatever issue you’re having with your fireplace quickly, so that you’re safe, warm, and back enjoying your home fast. We’ve got the 5-star reviews to prove it! Our technicians are familiar with all brands and models, so whether you’re looking to have your annual maintenance checkup, or require an emergency repair, we’re here to help. We keep extended hours and book appointments by phone 24/7, so call 416-269-2228 now to schedule your appointment.

You want to get your gas fireplace back up and running this Toronto winter, but there’s a problem. Either...

  • You haven’t used it in years, and it’s covered in dirt and grime
  • Your pilot light won’t come on or stay on, and everything you try isn’t working
  • Your pilot light is running, but the burners won’t come on
  • Or something else is wrong, but you can’t figure out what it is

And now you need it fixed so you can enjoy a warm, cozy fire again.

Our Toronto gas fireplace repair and maintenance services are specifically designed to...

  • Get in, identify the problem, and repair it as quickly as possible. We’re not interested in racking up a bill. We are interested in getting your fireplace running better than it has in years!

  • Get your fireplace clean so that it looks great, and you don’t encounter issues with lighting, maintaining heat, or smells in the future. We’ll also show you some easy tips on how to keep it clean and functioning properly, even after we’re gone.

  • Ensure that your fireplace is operating safely. Our technicians are trained quickly identify any hazards. Armed with a high-end Carbon Monoxide detector and gas sniffer, they ensure that there are no deadly gases present and your unit is 100% safe.

  • Give your old fireplace new life, so that it’s working as well, or better, than it was on day one!

In fact, when we come to do gas fireplace maintenance at your home, our highly skilled technicians follow a detailed list of 21 inspection and cleaning checkpoints, providing you with the most thorough maintenance in the industry.

21 Point Inspection and Cleaning

  1. Thorough inspection of firebox
  2. Test ignition system for safe and proper operation
  3. Test exhaust system for proper venting
  4. Test remote and receiver
  5. Test manual switch
  6. Brush clean and vacuum burner
  7. Test fireplace flame for proper burn mechanism
  8. Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency
  9. Measure amperage of thermocouple
  10. Replace fireplace embers
  11. Test airflow for deadly carbon monoxide
  1. Clean fireplace exterior
  2. Test safety & control circuits for proper operation
  3. Lubricate & clean blower motor (if applicable)
  4. Replace batteries in remote control
  5. Inspect for combustible material around fireplace
  6. Brush clean and vacuum firebox
  7. Clean tempered glass with special cleaner
  8. Clean Thermopile
  9. Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring
  10. Test for natural gas leaks

Advantages of Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Ensure that your gas fireplace is safe

Restore the visual appeal

Increase fireplace lifespan and minimize repairs
Improve fireplace performance

Plus, our monthly maintenance plans minimize expenses, and provide you with a yearly checkup and recommended maintenance tasks to help prevent repairs and expensive replacements in the future.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What maintenance does a gas fireplace need?
    Because they emit carbon every time they’re turned on, it builds on the glass surface and interior walls. Over time this carbon turns into a whitish film that blocks the view of your fireplace and can interfere with proper combustion.
    Will I still be able to use my gas fireplace when the power is out?

    Most gas fireplaces operate on a pilot system that heats a thermocouple or thermopile that generates electricity to power the system. As long as there’s gas being supplied, it should operate without an external source of power.

    Can I burn wood in my gas fireplace if I want to?

    No. They are not intended for wood burning. Burning wood in a gas fireplace will lead to severe damage to the system.

    Why does my gas fireplace smell?

    A gas fireplace can produce a variety of smells. Each smell has a significantly different cause. Rotten egg smell is typically the smell of a gas leak. A “burnt dirt” smell could be dust burning off the surface of your fireplace. This smell is typical when it hasn’t been used or cleaned for an extended period of time. Whatever the case is, it’s always best to have a technician confirm there are no immediate hazards, and recommend the best course of action for solving the problem. A chimney cleaning and vent check can go a long way.

    Why does my pilot light keep going out?

    Pilot lights could be failing for several reasons. The most common reasons are a weak thermocouple and/or gas valve. A technician can confirm the reason

    How can we make our gas fireplace produce more heat?

    Most gas fireplaces allow you to adjust the flame range with either a thermostat or directly on the gas valve. You could also invest in a blower to push the heat produced throughout the room.

    What could have gone wrong?

    There are many possibilities, a quick test is to see if you could get your pilot light running. If you can not get a flame, check the gas supply or even the sparker. If pilot lights but does not hold, it could the thermocouple or the gas valve. In either case, your best bet is to hire a professional technician to assess the problem.

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