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Black History Month

on February 26th, 2021 in Uncategorized

Black history month is one of Canada’s most important months of the year. It is a way of remembering and honouring the legacy of important African Americans. It’s a month where we take a moment in our busy lives to remember the great pioneers that fought hard for equal rights and opportunities for their community. […]

8 Common Signs That You Need a Furnace Repair

on February 22nd, 2021 in Furnace Install, Furnace Maintenance

Keeping the furnace in your house in good working order should always be a priority. After all, come the winter months, there are few situations worse than being stuck without heat. But more than that, furnace maintenance in East York needs to be a priority because a neglected furnace can be a hazard to your […]

8 Boiler Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Keep in Mind

on February 16th, 2021 in Boiler Install, Boiler System Tips, Water Heater Repair, Water Heaters

We’ve been doing boiler maintenance in East York for a long time now. And in that time, we’ve discovered helpful tips that every homeowner should know when it comes to boiler maintenance. After all, your boiler is one of the most useful (and, if not cared for properly, potentially dangerous) systems in your entire household. […]

Why Hire a Professional for Air Conditioner Maintenance in Toronto?

on January 25th, 2021 in Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner Install

When we think of the weather in Toronto (or Canada for that matter), the first thing that comes to mind is the cold winter and heavy snow. But as any Torontonian will tell you, the summers can be sweltering, and if you’re caught without an air conditioner, well, you’re in for a long, sweaty, unpleasant […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Boiler Regularly

on January 20th, 2021 in Boiler Install, Boiler System Tips

As boiler technicians in East York (or anywhere, for that matter) will tell you, keeping your boiler properly maintained is not only good practice, but in some instances, it can be lifesaving. Boilers keep your home happy and warm, especially as we enter the coldest months of the year. As premier providers of boiler service […]

A Single Boiler Test That Can Save Your Life

on February 5th, 2020 in Water Heaters

  Back in 2016, a family left their three-year-old daughter at home with their nanny. The house was quiet, and nothing seemed amiss. As the three-year-old girl slept soundly above the boiler room, a sudden explosion rocked the house. The boiler, located in the basement, exploded, blasting all the flooring on the first floor and […]

What is More Affordable: Electric or Gas Water Heaters?

on February 4th, 2020 in Water Heaters

Looking for the lowest price tag when upgrading your water heater? Then stick around and we’ll go through the in and outs of the different water heater that you can purchase without breaking the bank. Your water heater is literally a tank that heats and stores water. All tank water heater work on the same […]

Why Is My Furnace Not Blowing Any Hot Air?

on February 2nd, 2020 in Furnace Maintenance

Without a regular maintenance plan, furnaces can experience all kinds of problems. When your furnace fails, the most common behavior is for it to blow with no heat. This your furnaces way of telling you it’s a in a “lockout mode”. When the furnace tries to start up but fails to, it pretty much gives up […]

Why You Should Clean Your Boiler System Before a Boiler Install

on January 30th, 2020 in Boiler Install

(Source: Which.co.uk) Your New Boiler: Not a Standalone Appliance When you install a boiler, you’re not adding a standalone appliance to your home. Instead, you’re hooking a new appliance onto the existing heating system. Because the heating system is one you’ve used before, a sparkling new boiler is essentially being paired with a used device, […]

A 5 Point Checklist for Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm

on January 27th, 2020 in Carbon Monoxide

(Source: First Alert) Many homeowners buy a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm because they think it is a failsafe against carbon monoxide poisoning. This thinking is not only wrong but dangerous. Carbon monoxide alarms require some care to ensure they can alert your family in the case of high carbon monoxide traces in the home. Read […]

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