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When Hot Water Runs Dry

It’s a glorious Sunday morning. You wake up, pull off the covers, and step into your favorite slippers; shuffling towards the bathroom in a half-sleepy state. Just a nice, quick shower and you’re ready to jump start the day’s events.

You walk into the washroom and turn on the taps, aligning them to the perfect settings for some soothing heat. You step in eagerly – expecting to be greeted by the trickle of warm water that drown out the sounds of your loofah karaoke performance – but to your horror, ice cold water pelts your skin instead.

It’s a rude awakening: you realize your water heater is broken. Fainthearted, you hire Joe Schmoe from down the street to take a look. He breaks the news that your water tank’s ventor motor and gas valve have finally petered out, and it’s going to cost you a fortune to replace it. You’re not one to sacrifice an arm or leg in exchange for hot water, but when those cold months strike, what other option do you have?

Opening the Floodgates: Corroded Water Heaters

Let’s take a look at another scenario. You and your family are up and at ‘em; anxiously awaiting your taxi’s arrival to whisk you to the airport for a sun-soaked, Caribbean getaway. As you stuff the last few toiletries into your already-brimming suitcase – don’t forget your favorite swimsuit! -you realize you left your beach towel down in the closet, right next to that ancient water heater of yours.

As you rush down the stairs to retrieve it, you suddenly stop dead in your tracks. Forget your hotel’s luxury hot tub you were so excited to dip your toes in; a new wading pool has suddenly formed in your basement, nearly 3 feet deep!

Tank water heaters are notorious for being ticking time bombs that rupture during the worst times, with the oldest ones closest to detonation. Suddenly, the excitement of your Caribbean vacation is sinking faster than the Titanic; you can thank your leaky water heater for that!

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    Compact Size

    Advanced models are far more compact; taking up an average of just 1 square meter of wall space.

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    Silent Work

    New boilers have programming modes that accommodate different settings throughout the day; allowing you to cut back on extra heating costs and expenditures.

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    Increase In Safety

    Newer models pose fewer risks of fire and/or technical failures, as there is no need for fuel (the main culprit of these explosions).

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    Energy Savings

    Older boilers result in over 40 percent of wasted energy, versus new models that are approximately 80 and 95 percent more energy-efficient¹.

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    Class 1 Electrical Safety

    Newer models are certified in accordance with EU standards for quality assurance.

AccuServ Financing Options

If you find yourself caught at the crossroads between “Broke City” and “No Other Option,” AccuServ has some solutions. Here, our knowledgeable team provides friendly and flexible financing that allows you to get your coveted hot water back, along with the peace of mind of knowing your corroded water heater has been replaced with a brand-spankin’ new tank.

AccuServ works with Snap Financial, a premiere financing company that has been recognized for its unique solutions across the HVAC industry. To learn how our partnership can benefit you in times of heat or water crises, click here.

With a low monthly payment (and no down payment), you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your security and hot showers are safeguarded – without paying the hefty price tag. A few quick clicks on the link below, and you can see what HVAC options are available for you, today!