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New Toronto-York Spadina Subway Line Delayed Due to Budget Concerns

Posted by James Memije on Jan 15, 2016 9:23:36 PM
Toronto Subway


When you begin a contracting operation, you have a budget in mind. Your contractor also gives you an upper limit for how much the operation will cost. But unlike the HVAC business, governmental business doesn’t accept a smile and a handshake as a deal.


The TTC is asking for more money on a deal already made. Torontonians previously excited about the subway extension that could reach York University, must now sit through a year’s wait. One of the biggest problems was that the project started 18 months after the real start date.


In addition, the TTC is requesting an addition $400 million to complete the project. The TTC cites poor construction performance, sudden design changes, and start-up delays. As a company that does smaller-scale but equally important work (providing convenience and comfort for Torontonians), we are quite surprised by the lack of professionalism on TTC’s part.


At AccuServ, we always ensure we arrive on time, provide 100% professional work, and never go above our budget. Why can a small company such as ours outperform a huge organization such as the TTC? Perhaps it’s because our first interest is always the customer…

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