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Toronto City Hall Gets a Bigger TV Screen for the Jays Game

Posted by James Memije on Oct 16, 2015 10:39:57 PM



The screen went up today, but unless you were at Nathan Philips Square watching game 1 of the Jays vs. Royals game, you wouldn’t know it. It’s not too late to partake, though, as you can still head to Nathan Philips Square on Monday to catch game 3.

Unfortunately, Jays fever has hit Toronto at the same time as a snow flurry. According to CBC News Toronto, we’re looking at a 40% chance of snow over the weekend, which could last until Monday, interfering with your plans to catch the big game at Nathan Philips Square. So, if you’re a die-hard fan, get your coat ready.

And if you plan to watch the game at home, with the comfort of a heated room and a hot beverage of your choice, you might want to use this weekend for a routine HVAC check-up. Snow and ice can cause damage to the HVAC system when they melt and seep into the lower parts of your house. Call us today to ensure your HVAC system doesn’t have any potential hazards susceptible to the extreme weather we’re expecting this Toronto winter.

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