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The Parapan American Games of Toronto: Were You Equipped?

Posted by James Memije on Aug 14, 2015 3:57:00 AM



The Parapan Games of Toronto have come and gone (by Saturday). Sports fans from outside Toronto came to our great city, booking tickets and making reservations just for this event. Residents of Toronto reported two interesting phenomena. First were the inevitable traffic jams. They learned the hard way that you’ve got to keep your legs in walking/biking mode during the summer.

Second, many of our astute residences took advantage of July to upgrade their facilities. Smart hotels, hostels, and even landlords upped their equipment standards before the giant influx of new customers. Thinking of turning your property into a short-term rental and making a quick buck on the next big sporting event? Contact us to upgrade your air conditioning and shower facilities on the quick:

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