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New Carbon Monoxide Detector Laws Hit Toronto

Posted by James Memije on Dec 6, 2015 2:45:37 AM



Last October, Ontario amended its fire code so as to require all homeowners in Ontario to maintain working carbon monoxide detectors. The law has just now affected a Toronto citizen, with the city fining a homeowner $50,000 for failing to properly maintain her carbon monoxide detector. The city has shown its fangs – its willingness to enforce this law.

As a homeowner, you now have two reasons – safety and financial – to engage in regular inspections of your carbon monoxide detector. Go ahead and test your carbon monoxide detector now. Find the reset button (usually labeled as “reset” and at the front of the detector), hold it down for ten seconds, and release. A beep or light will indicate a working detector.

If you find your carbon monoxide detector to be broken, contact us for a new one.

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