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Justin Trudeau’s First Major Challenge: Pleasing Homeowners

Posted by James Memije on Oct 23, 2015 5:49:56 AM



The price of housing in Toronto has peaked and might begin falling. This would mean that your house is about to begin falling in value. The real estate market at present in Toronto is problematic for sure, with fewer Torontonians able to afford houses and houses bought as investments failing to appreciate in value.

Our new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, recognizes this problem in Toronto (and in Vancouver, where it’s equally severe), as well he should: nearly 70% of Canadians are homeowner. A stoppage of Canada’s previously robust housing market could hurt our economy, costing the many Canadians in the construction industry their jobs, which would only add to the unemployment reports flowing in from the oil industry. Trudeau wants to solve this problem with a stimulus package to reestablish the lost value of Canadian homes.

Love him or hate him, Trudeau is at least acting to improve the value of your home. What about you? Have you upgraded your heating? Have you inspected your ventilation? Have you looked into where your energy costs come from?

While Trudeau has a hefty complex job in front of him, your job is simpler: Call us for an inspection. In many cases, we can find ways to improve the value of your home. And at the very least, we can tell you what’s costing you money due to energy inefficiency.

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