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Beware of Shady Water-Heater Companies

Posted by James Memije on Aug 28, 2015 4:12:00 AM



If you’ve ever questioned whether you needed a new water heater, you have probably dealt with those fast-talking water-heater salespersons. Their goal is not to serve your best interests but to convince you that you need a water-heater upgrade regardless of the present state of your current water-heater. In the end, you pay not only for the upgrade but higher rental fees as well, assuming you’re renting the heater and not buying.

Luckily, these companies are finally being punished in Canada, which means that the companies will likely stop their unethical practices here. AccuServ wants to remind you that we ensure our customers that we do not employ forceful sales techniques nor do we make unethical upgrade recommendations. When you call us, we will give you a 100% objective opinion as to whether your water heater needs upgrading or is fine in its current state.

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