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Be a Proactive – not Reactive - Buyer

Posted by James Memije on Sep 11, 2015 4:37:51 AM


I remember reading an article in the news a couple months back about a poor women being duped by furnace installation salesmen. The salesmen simply made a brief investigation and returned two days later to install a new furnace – without the homeowner’s consent. While you might have the mental capacity to easily see through such a scam, many senior citizens do not.

It’s about time we all check up on our parents. You can help out senior citizens close to you by calling in a service person for a furnace and air-conditioner checkup. If indeed an upgrade is needed, be proactive and call a professional. Don’t let your loved ones fall into the grasp of salesmen who knock at random doors.

In the end, the woman was billed for $11,050 for something she never even asked for. Do the right thing and schedule a home check-up now. Do it to preemptively counter these salesmen – but more importantly, do it to show you care.

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