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A "Spring Winter" for Toronto

Posted by James Memije on Apr 4, 2016 3:26:46 AM


(Source: ctanews.ca)

The “Spring Winter” continues in Toronto. It is already April but we see a blizzard hitting the Toronto and the surrounding areas. Snow in the GTA began falling Sunday and only became stronger with time.


Vehicle accidents are on the rise, keeping emergency crews on their feet. We already have over 100 accidents in the GTA. Ensure your car is equipped with snow gear, and consider keeping them on for most of April because this storm is certainly not showing signs of letting up.


Meteorologists are predicting double the average amount of snow for this April – 10 centimeters. In addition, the temperature is dipping, so ensure you dress for the occasions. Tuesday should see the snow and temperature subside for a bit, but Wednesday will likely start up again what we saw during the weekend.


Most importantly, make sure your heating system is working well and efficiently. Don’t be afraid to give us a call for any questions you might have.

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