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A New Map Service to Reduce Snow-related Collisions

Posted by James Memije on Feb 17, 2016 12:12:34 AM



(Source: AnaBaiLao)

Every snow day here in Toronto results in hundreds of vehicle accidents. The city does its best at plowing and salting the roads, but with more cars than snow plows, the majority of roads are always dangerous. Enter PlowTo, a Toronto city website that tracks in real time the snow plow and salting trucks.

But there is more to this app – you can find the roads that have been recently cleaned and salted. This allows for a safer trip to work or to the grocery store. At AccuServ, we wish all residents of Toronto safe travel, which is why we are posting a blog about this helpful service.

Please visit this site to start planning your next trip during this snowy winter. The site is only a week old, so many Torontonians are unaware of its existence. Please inform your friends and family so as to lessen their risk on the road.

Likewise, stay up to date on the best practices for home heating by visiting our educational blog. We wish you a comfortable winter despite the snow.


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