Don’t take it lightly: your heat exchanger, cracks and CO

If you seek quality advice or furnace maintenance in toronto and GTA, we are here for you. There’s no equipment we stress is more important to have maintained then your furnace. It has the highest rate of crack heat exchangers; usually due to poor maintenance. This is a very dangerous situation as a crack can quickly start producing the silent killer, carbon monoxide.

Poor maintenance can lead to a crack in several ways:

Improper Air Flow

Dirty filters, closed off vents or furniture blocking return vents can all contribute to improper air flow. As a result the lack of air crossing through the heat exchanger causes it to overheat making it more prone to cracking.

Improper Manifold Pressure

Your gas valve controls the flow of gas into your burners. If its allowing too much gas it can cause the same overheating condition as restricted air flow. Likewise if its allowing too little gas it increases run time and wears out the heat exchanger faster.

Improper Displacement of Condensation

Most common in furnaces that have not been run (heat or cool) in a long time; they accumulate condensation in the heat exchanger, eventually rusting out the system.

It is imperative that the heat exchanger isn’t cracked in order for it to separate the burner gas from the circulation air. Mixing the two will create carbon monoxide.