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Financing a Furnace Has Never Been Easier!

At AccuServ, we understand that HVAC repairs can be expensive – especially when you’re living with an antiquated, rundown furnace. Whether your furnace needs a much needed tune-up, or you simply want to upgrade to a more energy efficient model (but can’t justify large upfront costs of buying one to make the switch), we have the solutions for your budget.

Let us serve as the financial segue to fast and friendly financing options. For a small monthly payment, you can have a furnace that delivers increased comfort and reliability. Best of all, if your replacing an mid-efficient furnace you can drastically reduce your energy bill; allowing you to relish the warmth during the winter months and save more money!

Why Financing Your Furnace Makes Sense

It’s a pretty simple concept: a low-to-mid efficiency furnace is burning your hard-earned dollars up the chimney. In fact, statistics show that a 30+ year old furnace could waste as much as 40 percent of your energy!¹ Even a furnace dated 15 to 20 years old poses an estimated 20-25 percent of wasted expenditures.²

A quick way HVAC specialists estimate a system’s current efficiency level is by utilizing the following rule of thumb:

Take the systems efficiency rate upon installation and deduct 1 percent in efficiency for every year the system has been in operation. This would mean that after 15 years, a furnace originally installed at 80 percent efficiency would be operating at an estimated 65 percent AFUE.

Let’s put a monetary value in the equation. If you spend $1 of gas – but your furnace is only able to use 65 percent of that to heat your home – you’re only getting $0.65 worth of that $1 you put in. In short, you’re wasting $0.35 for every $1 you spend!

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    Compact Size

    Advanced models are far more compact; taking up an average of just 1 square meter of wall space.

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    Silent Work

    New boilers have programming modes that accommodate different settings throughout the day; allowing you to cut back on extra heating costs and expenditures.

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    Increase In Safety

    Newer models pose fewer risks of fire and/or technical failures, as there is no need for fuel (the main culprit of these explosions).

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    Energy Savings

    Older boilers result in over 40 percent of wasted energy, versus new models that are approximately 80 and 95 percent more energy-efficient¹.

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    Class 1 Electrical Safety

    Newer models are certified in accordance with EU standards for quality assurance.

Why Invest in a New Furnace?

By putting off a new furnace purchase, you can be throwing away several hundred dollars in wasted energy expenses….just over one heating season! Compare that to a scenario where you install a new system that ran at 96 percent efficiency, as demonstrated below:

Let’s say for every $1 you put in, $0.96 is used for heating your home; resulting in only $0.03 of wasted expenditures. As 65 percent AFUE wastes $0.35 per dollar [versus 96 percent AFUE], this means you only lose $0.04; totaling an annual savings of $0.33. Multiply that by the thousands of dollars you spend every year on heating, and you’re looking at hundreds of dollars you save – each year – on your heating bill!

It’s a Free Furnace!

There’s no reason you have to live with unreliable, energy-zapping furnaces. While financial deficits may pose some hardships, AccuServ works hard to ensure you’re not left in the cold.

Financing has opened doors for both money-conscious customers and smart investors, alike – and AccuServ is here to provide flexible and friendly financing options that enables you to take advantage of a new furnace system, today.

A high efficiency furnace can cost as low as $39.00 per month. However, the energy savings gained by upgrading a from low efficiency furnace to high can be as high as $45 a month. By using our finance options, it’s comparable to getting a new furnace for free [or even making a small profit!].

Our Trusted Partner: Snap Financial

Furnaces are not a mere luxury during the cold, winter months; on the contrary, they’re a necessity that you simply cannot afford to do without. Luckily, our partnership with Snap Financial offers a myriad of financing options that allows you to say goodbye to that inefficient heating system, while working inside your allotted budget.

Given the availability of our numerous payment alternatives, there’s no reason to delay in taking advantage of a new heating system before Old Man Winter strikes. With the highest approval ratings, let our financing options secure your comfort with a new furnace – that doesn’t break the bank.

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