What is an AC Filter-Drier And Why Should You Care?

Posted by James Memije on Jul 9, 2015 3:40:00 PM
James Memije

What are the key functions of an AC filter-drier and why is this information so important? Here, we’ll define AC filter-driers and detail why you should care about them! Read on to prolong the functionality of your AC system and gain some crucial cooling knowledge!  


What is an AC Filter-Drier? 

A filter-drier in a refrigerant or air conditioning system has two essential functions: 

  • To absorb system contaminants, such as water, which can create acids
  • To provide physical filtration 

The Importance of an AC Filter-Drier

Moisture in the sealed system can prevent proper operation and can even completely stop the system from working altogether, even causing costly damage. Water anywhere inside the refrigerant handling system (tubing, compressor, condenser, refrigerant metering cap tube, or thermostatic expansion valve) freezes, making the system inoperative. The inside of any refrigeration system must be pure refrigerant: no air, no dirt, no water, and no mix of various refrigerant gases other than a single gas for which the system is designed. 

Any system generating debris, water or acid is at risk of permanent failure. Not only do filter driers prevent problems from occurring, but they also serve to fix problems that may exist. Filter driers have an all-important, dual function: to dry and to filter. The drying function serves as chemical protection and includes the adsorption of water and acids. This prevents both the corrosion of metal surfaces and decomposition of oil and refrigerant. The filter function serves as physical protection and includes retention of particles and any type of impurities. Evaluation of each factor is necessary to ensure proper and economical drier design. 

AC Filter-Drier Tip 

Whenever the sealed system is worked on, such as charging it with refrigerant, reconnecting and disconnecting the line sets, etc., the filter-drier should be changed. Whenever someone works on your AC and opens up the sealed system, they should replace the filter-drier. If you ever have anyone work on your AC and they're opening up the sealed system, they should replace the filter-drier afterwards. 

So, now you know why they matter and how to make your refrigerant system work longer and better. Keep your system clean to stay cool! 

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