Top Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Furnace Today

Posted by James Memije on Apr 21, 2015 4:54:00 PM
James Memije

The furnace is one of the most valuable appliances in your home. Luckily, it was also designed to last for a decade or longer. When you furnace is working and does not seem to need a lot of repairs, it's easy to let it just do its job without thoughts of replacement. As the years go by, you might begin to wonder why you should upgrade your furnace to a newer model. 

There are many compelling reasons to invest in a furnace upgrade. Here's are the top reasons why most people make that investment: 


The Cost of Keeping The Old Furnace Running Has Grown Too High

upgrade-your-furnaceYour furnace was designed to last around 15 years. Most of the major components were designed to last the same length of time. As your unit grows older and nears the end of its lifespan, you will find yourself needing more and more repairs. Some of these repairs might be small maintenance matters while others can be more expensive.

When deciding if you want to pay for repairs or simply replace the unit, a good rule of thumb is the 40 percent rule. This means if the repairs are going to cost almost half of what a replacement unit would cost, then you should go ahead and replace it. Your furnace will eventually need to be replaced, and you might be faced with additional repairs. Your heating and air-conditioning service professional can help you make this decision and outline all of your options.


Newer Models Offer Better Energy Efficiency

When you replace an older-model furnace, you will be taking advantage of new technologies and upgrades in furnace design. Your new furnace, whether it's gas or electric, will provide you with a more efficient use of your utilities. This means that your utility bills will be lower than what they are now. It will not be enough to cover the cost of the unit, but it will help you recoup much of it.


Safety Issues Are A Concern With Older Furnaces

Whether your furnace runs on gas or electricity, your family's safety can become an issue with an older-model furnace. With gas furnaces, you are dealing with an appliance that has an open flame run by natural gas. A failure in the unit might leave your home vulnerable to a fire or a gas leak. Also, there is a fear that carbon monoxide might begin to leak from a gas furnace as it ages and endanger those inside the home.

With an electric furnace, there are also some safety concerns. When the unit becomes older and parts fail, you might be faced with an electrical fire.


An Upgraded Furnace Adds Property Value

If you're thinking of selling your home, you might think it is best to put off an upgrade, and let the new owners worry about the furnace. However, this might not be your best option. By upgrading your furnace, you are actually raising the value of your home.

Not only do you get the advantages of a new furnace for the next couple of years and savings on utilities, but when you do sell your home, you can ask for a better price, due to the upgraded furnace. People looking to buy a home will ask about the age of major appliances, like the furnaces. Having one that is only a couple of years old will help your property sell quickly and increase the valuation of your home.


When you're ready to talk to a professional about your new-furnace options, AccuServ Heating and Air Conditioning has a full range of products available. We will help you make the best selection for your home and get it installed quickly. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about the benefits of upgrading your furnace now.

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