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    Air Conditioner Financing With AccuServ, credit approval is just minutes away!

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Buying a New A/C Doesn’t Have to Leave you Hot-Headed

Has the heatwave stricken you into a sweaty stupor? Perhaps you’re the last minute shopper who puts off buying a new A/C, or the stressed-out homeowner who doesn’t know where to pull the funds to repair that finicky junker.

Whatever the case, these sudden emergencies can really throw your budget off, and have you choosing between living in comfort….or on a cash-strapped budget. The good news? You don’t have to opt for one or the other; AccuServ has the solution for you!

Cool Financing Options

At AccuServ, we offer a number of flexible financing options so you can remain cool, calm and collected – without the burden of ‘fine print’ hanging over your head. Honesty is always our #1 policy, which is why we ensure open and transparent financing alternatives. With AccuServ, there are zero down payments and no hidden fees; just great customer solutions that are tailored to your budget. Get approved today – and relish the comforts of your hassle-free purchase, tomorrow!

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    Compact Size

    Advanced models are far more compact; taking up an average of just 1 square meter of wall space.

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    Silent Work

    New boilers have programming modes that accommodate different settings throughout the day; allowing you to cut back on extra heating costs and expenditures.

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    Increase In Safety

    Newer models pose fewer risks of fire and/or technical failures, as there is no need for fuel (the main culprit of these explosions).

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    Energy Savings

    Older boilers result in over 40 percent of wasted energy, versus new models that are approximately 80 and 95 percent more energy-efficient¹.

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    Class 1 Electrical Safety

    Newer models are certified in accordance with EU standards for quality assurance.

Multiply More Money in Your Wallet

You can expect significant savings when you switch from an older AC to a newer one. For example, let’s take your clunky 8.4 SEER unit and replace it with a superior 14.5 SEER A/C. By doing so, you can anticipate nearly $30 in additional monthly savings!

Financing your air conditioner at an average of $39 per month means your net payment is estimated at around $9; an extraordinary difference for a long-term investment. Let us help you pursue your financing options; experience the AccuServ difference, today!

Assist you towards an energy-efficient boiler, without breaking the bank.