Let our experienced techs bring comfort back to your home when your air conditioner goes on the fritz. This city may be a bit more famous for the cold, but the summers here can be very unpleasant when you don’t have an AC system to keep your home at the perfect climate.

Repair is just the beginning of what we offer to our customers. We’re also happy to provide everything from maintenance for air conditioners to replacement. No matter what your home needs to keep it comfortable, we’re here with broad expertise, the right tools and fair prices.

Thanks to experience and a commitment to continuing education, our pros are familiar with nearly every type of air conditioner out there. Both older systems and the ones with the newest futuristic features can be safely handled. If you need air conditioner replacement, we can handle the removal and installation of your new unit.

Our Techs Are a Step Above

We like to believe that we offer the best air conditioning repair services in the area, and we hold ourselves to that by expecting the most from our field service professionals. Our pros are have all necessary certifications, invest in continuing education for new models, and have been honored by some of the best awards in the industry including…

  • 2014, 2015 GTA Homestars Award Winners
  • A+ Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau
You can find out plenty more about our air conditioner repairs in Toronto here on our home page.


How do I make sure my air conditioner is ready for summer use?

An early inspection before the heat starts to set in can really save you some grief when summer rolls around. Our maintenance checks cover all the bases, and help you catch problems before they become big enough to cause discomfort to you and your family. You can avoid the misery of a broken air conditioner if you choose to have it checked out in spring.

Do air conditioner leaks point to serious problems?

Depending on what’s leaking, it could be a minor or serious problem. If you cannot determine what’s leaking, do not attempt to touch it. Most air conditioning units contain Freon, and this chemical should not be handled by those who have not been trained to handle it safely. Water and other leaks may have a source that can be affordably sealed, and our techs will do what they can to keep your existing AC in working order without a replacement.

What new features come with an air conditioner replacement?

The newest water heaters have amazing features that will help you get even more comfort out of them. Some of the latest models that our techs could introduce to you are incredibly efficient, and allow you to do interesting things like control your thermostat from your phone. Consult with us to learn more about finding the perfect AC for your needs.