Protect yourself and your family from the hot summers and cold winters with expert repair and installation services that keep all of your important home systems in working order. When your cooling, heating or air quality devices go on the fritz, know that professional, affordable and well-equipped technicians from Accuserv are only a short phone call away.

We’ve been offering our services to the Toronto area for more than 20 years, and we’ve developed a reputation for quality and fairness that we work very hard to protect. It’s important to us that our techs can carry our name with the same pride for the next 20 years, so we try to bring the same amount of quality that made us famous to every repair job.

Our office is located at the east end of Toronto on Danforth and Woodbine, Whether you’re just around the shop, down at the beaches, downtown, North York or all the way in the west bordering Mississauga— we’re your local HVAC specialists for heating, cooling and air quality needs.

  • Emergency Service

  • 24/7 Call Center

  • TSSA Licensed Technicians

  • Local Technicians

  • Good Standing with BBB

What Our Customers Say


"So fast! I called them as soon as our air conditioner failed (pretty easy to tell by the burning smell), and they booked me only a couple of hours later. The house hadn’t even finished losing heat before they had the AC up and running again. Great price for such fast service, too!" - Angela N. Meyers


"I chose Accuserv to handle the installation of my new air conditioner, and I received great service throughout. They were courteous and friendly both on the phone and in my house. They started on time and finished more quickly than I expected. The bill they gave me when the service was complete matched what I was estimated, and was more than fair for the work." - Gregory Anders


"Very prompt service on a hot water heater repair. The repair was scheduled for the day after I called, early enough that I was going to be able to get in a hot shower before I left for work. The repairs involved a part replacement that they were able to handle on the spot. That took a little less than half an hour, and everything worked perfectly after." - Aleks Kubilius



Our Services

Our techs can assist you with any of the appliances you see listed above. Thanks to the strong weather here, every year comes with many furnace, boiler and AC repairs. We make an effort to help our customers as quickly as possible, including same night service for furnace repairs on particularly cold nights. You can learn more about each of these services on their product page.

We are always happy to take questions by phone if you’d like to know if or how we can help. For all of these devices, we offer not only expert repairs, but also maintenance and installation. Old systems can be safely removed by our team, and replaced with new ones that give you all the comfort that modern technology has to offer.

The Accuserv Difference—How Our Techs Stand Apart


We take the hiring and training of our techs who will carry our name very seriously. Here are some of the ways we protect our reputation for quality by keeping our techs at the top of their game:

Continued Education

Learning doesn't stop once technicians leave school. Many companies throw their techs into the field without sufficient training and supervision. The results are misdiagnosed furnaces and higher repair bills. Our technicians are continually being trained on the latest and best practices in diagnosing and servicing furnaces.

When compared to the competition, our technicians on average stand out from the crowd with the following credentials:

  • More knowledgeable about modern air conditioner, furnace and boiler technology.
  • Proficient with the gas and others codes to help ensure your safety
  • Carry more certifications
  • Know how to operate more tools and use them to accurately diagnose and repair your system
  • Attend more training classes
  • Receive more one-on-one mentorship support
  • Direct training with manufacturers allowing them to service almost all brands of furnaces.
  • Proud winners of  Homestars Winners Award 2015 and 2016 for exceptional service
  • Proudly Nate Certified, a certification only given to those with high levels of heating and air conditioning expertise.
  • Committed to Quality...Guaranteed



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